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In Illo Tempore?


‘In Illo Tempore?’ is not a story, neither is it a realistic representation. The visual elements, which can be both figurative and abstract, are brought together in a context that can be seen as a force field or as a puzzle rather than as a representation of a concrete space or of a story. The silver thread is the ascending and descending of an image within the image, from print to print, so that an idea of time and a kind of contrapuntal structure arises, in which various references and symbols are interwoven. The combination and location of recurring forms, figures and symbols offer at each reading  a different ‘text’, which Johan van Cauwenberge translated into short, poetic captions.   To create these poems we have been building on the old 'emblemata'. Work from 1998.

Venus decapitata, kleurenets, 48cm x 40cm
Haar Intocht Liet Dichters Eclipseren, ets en mezzotint, 45cm x 32cm
De mimetische crisis, kleurenets, 48cm x 40cm
De wereld begint met een reconstructie, kleurenets, 62cm x 40cm
Tomorrow I'll wake you, kleurenets, 62cm x 44cm
Turangalilla, kleurenets, 44cm x 33cm
Evening raga, kleurenets, 58cm x 40cm
Gigue, kleurenets, 45cm x 32cm
Eclips, kleurenets, 48cm x 40cm
In illo tempore (1), kleurenets, 45cm x 32cm
Passage van de demonen, kleurenets, 58cm x 40cm
Tegenlicht en bloed, kleurenets, 62cm x 44cm
Oxidatie, reductie, reoxidatie, kleurenets, 48cm x 40cm
In illo tempore (2), kleurenets, 45cm x 32cm
In illo tempore (3), kleurenets, 45cm x 32cm
Een klontering van clusters, kleurenets, 62cm x 32cm
Wie het kleine niet begeert, mezzotint, 12cm x 12cm
In illo tempore (4), kleurenets, 32cm x 40cm
Turangalilla, ets, 45cm x 80cm
L' esperanza, lithografie, 42cm x 40cm
In illo tempore, olieverf op doek, 120cm x 95cm
In illo tempore, olieverf op paneel, 100cm x 85cm
De voorouders, olieverf op doek, 95cm x 95cm
Het geboortehuis, olieverf op paneel, 95cm x 95cm
Voorstudie, krijt, 28cm x 16cm
Voorstudie, krijt, 24cm x 17cm
Voorstudiue, krijt, 42cm x 26cm
Voorstudiue, krijt, 26cm x 26cm


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