Roeland Kotsch
Graphics & Paintings


In 1991 and '93 I partook as a draftsman in the archaeological excavation campaigns of Prof. Waalkens in Sagalassos, Turkey. This blunt confrontation with the ancient past left a lasting mark on the design and themes of my oeuvre. On the spot I made a series of pastel paintings and drawings, which I later incorporated into etchings.

Sagalassos, de dode stad, kleurenets, 29cm x 32cm
Stones of great loneliness, pastel en acryl, 80cm x 110cm
Sagalassos, theater, pastel en acryl, 80cm x 110cm
Sagalassos, pastel, 48cm x 70cm
Sagalassos, pastel, 52cm x 70cm
Sagalassos, pastel en acryl, 70cm x 110cm
Jones, pastel, 75cm x 100cm
Sagalassos, pastel, 52cm x 70cm
Sagalassos tweeluik, pastel en acryl, 70cm x 115cm
Sagalassos, pastel, 48cm x 68cm
Zonsondergang, de denkers reeds in schaduwen gehuld, kleurenets, 46cm x 61cm
Sonata a tre, kleurenets, 35cm x 55cm
De tanden van de tijd, acryl op ets, 20cm x 53cm
Sagalassos, de tekenaar, pastel, 70cm x 50cm
Omne animal..., kleurenets, 29cm x 26cm
Sagalassos, studie in bister, 28cm x 32cm
Sagalassos theater, bister, 28cm x 32cm
Vanitas, etsen, 32cm x 28cm
Vanitas, ets, 13cm x 17cm
Vanitas, ets, 11cm x 17cm
Sagalassos, diazoma, ets, 18cm x 29cm
Sagalassos, opperste agora, ets, 29cm x 39cm
Sagalassos, nympheion, ets, 16cm x24cm
Sagalassos, Dorische tempel, ets, 16cm x16cm
Sagalassos, bibliotheek, ets, 29cm x 39cm
Stèlè, kleurenets, 60cm x 32cm


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Roeland Kotsch

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