Roeland Kotsch
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Concert piece


A text comes to life with fascinating intensity when the musician creates a sound experience. Worlds of a totally different order meet each other. This magic is the topic of the 'Concert Pieces', for which Roel Dieltiens and other musical friends have been modelling. I regularly revisit this theme. Some works date from the 1990s', others are recent.

Concertstuk (1), olieverf op paneel, 47cm x 61cm
Concertstuk (2), olieverf op paneel, 47cm x 61cm
Concertstuk (3), olieverf op paneel, 100cm x 125cm
Concertstuk (4), olieverf op paneel, 75cm x 120cm
Concertstuk (11), olieverf op collage van etsen op paneel, 147cm x 122cm
Concertstuk (5), pastel, 75cm x 52cm
Concertstuk (6), pastel, 54cm x 62cm
Concertstuk (7), pastel en acryl, 80cm x 65cm
Concertstuk (8), pastel, 50cm x 62cm
Concertstuk (9), pastel, 48cm x 60cm
Concertstuk (10), pastel, 62cm x 50cm
Studie, houtskool, 65cm x 48cm
Studie, bister, 22cm x 15cm
Studie, houtskool, 65cm x 65cm
Studie, houtskool, 70cm x 52cm
Roel & Robert, pastel, 50cm x 70cm
Joinke, olieverf op doek, 90cm x 110cm


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